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Love in a Mist is a drama patterned on the Taiwanovela Meteor Garden. Male leading roles are played by Dong Bang Shin Ki, a popular Korean boy band.

♥ When a lover of many touches you would you accept him?
♥ When love reaches out back would you hold on to it?
♥ Would you even have imagined yourself in a chaotic and mysterious love?
♥ Through persuasion and patience can love be bought?
♥ When two people of the same heartbreak fall inlove with each other, do you consider that true?

Follow the lives of these teenage lovers as they fall in love in a mist.

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Dong Bang Bul Pae
"The Ashes of Time"

Choikang Changmin as Max
The leader of H4, now known as Dong Bang Bul Pae. He is the rich son of a large hospital owner. He loves to bully others but has a big heart for the poor. He has a crush on Jen and is having a hard time courting her...again.
Jung Yunho as Yunho
His father is a famous Korean painter. His mother is an actress. A very conservative guy. He lovess Lovely but she likes Hero.
Youngwoong Jaejoong as Hero
A very mysterious man. He is a quiet and a smart kid. He is a martial arts expert. He is loved and like by Rose but he doesn't appreciate her at all and ends up hurting her big time.
Kim Junsu as Xiah
An equestrian and the son of an ambassador. He is rumored to have many women. He became serious in his relationships when he met Yuki.
Park Yoochun as Micky/Yoochun
Childhood friend of Rose. His family became rich and he has a secret love to Rose.As Paris enters his life, his whole life changes.
New Ways Girls
"The Girlfriends"

Im Yoon Ah as Jen Im
Daughter of a police commissioner. A strong girl and a little bit boyish. Her first love is Max but they got separated because of an affair. And now, Max is courting her for the 2nd time.
Jeong Ryeo-won as Lovely Jeong
A daughter of a jewel dealer and the leader of the group. She has an attractive body and style. Dreaming to marry a rich man someday. She likes Hero but when Rose and Hero became close, her feelings subsided.
Park Min Young as Rose Park
A top student in her class. She is a transferee and she is poor. Her father is a regular employee in a company. She fell in love to Hero accidentally.
Hwang Mi Young as Yuki Fokuda
A daughter of a wealthy president of Moonbucks and an exchange student from Japan as well. She stayed in the school for 3 months, kept on following Xiah and captures his heart.
Lim Eun Kyoung as Paris Han
A rich daughter who always get what she wants. She became the fiancee of Yunho but as she hang outs with Micky she accidently fell inlove to him.
Mean Girls
"The Plastics"

Han Ga In as Emily Yoon
The meanest ex-girlfriend of Hero who plans to take him back by doing dirty tricks.
Nam Gyu ri as Scarlett Park
One of Emily's meaner friend who deceived Changmin.
Bae Seul Gi as Amanda Lee
She's a self-important mean woman who flirts Micky.
Lee Hyo ri as Candice Choi
She's a self-centered mean woman and tries to separate Xiah and Yuki.She's also the younger half-sister of Younha, Junsu's dead ex-girlfriend.

Best Couple ♥

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FINALE: A New Beginning
Chapter 46: I Do
Chapter 45: Forever
Chapter 44: Positive
Chapter 43: Sugar, Spice and Everything Nice
Chapter 42: Stupid Cupid

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FINALE: A New Beginning
8:10 PM

*After 7 months… [Yunho was waiting for his charming bride. Lovely was walking on the aisle with his appa.]
Mr. Jeong: Yunho, I’ll give to you my princess.
Yunho: I’ll take care of her.
[Lovely’s father smiled]
Priest: We’re all gathered here to witness the new beginning of groom, Jung Yunho and bride, Jeong Lovely.
[Lovely and Yunho’s mother were crying while their father were smiling] ♫Playing I do by 98 degrees♫
Priest: Do you, Jung Yunho promise to love and honor this woman till death do you part?
Yunho: I do.
Priest: Do you, Jeong Lovely promise to love and honor this man till death do you part?
Lovely: (Smile sweetly) I do…
[Yunho put on the ring on Lovely’s finger then vice versa.]
Priest: You may kiss the bride.
[Yunho lifted her vail then kissed her softly.] *At the reception
Jen: Changmin-ah~! (Touching her tummy)
Max: What?? (Worried)
Jen: Can we go now?
Max: Waeyo? It’s your best friend’s wedding.
Jen: I know… I know… but…
Max: But what?
Jen: I think little Minnie is coming!! Ahh!!! Changmin!!! (Scream) [Max panicked. Lovely and Yunho stood up and went to Jen’s table.]
Lovely: Omo! Omo! Jen! Changmin! Calm down.
Max: Araso. Araso. I’ll be calm. Jen, breathe in…
[Jen breathe in and out]
Hero: Changmin! The car is ready! Pali-pali! [Max carried Jen into the car and drove to the hospital as fast as he could.] *At the hospital… [Jen was at the stretcher while Max was holding her hands.]
Jen: Oppa~! Stay by my side, araso?
Max: Araso… (Kissed Jen’s hand)

*Inside the delivery room…
Doctor: Push Mrs. Shim. Push…
Jen: I… I… its hard… (In pain)
[Max held Jen’s hand tightly]
Max: Jen… I can see our little Minnie’s head. Push more…
Jen: Oppa!!! (Scream)
[They heard a loud cry of a baby boy. The doctor handed their baby to Jen and she wept.]
Max: (Wipe Jen’s sweat and tears) Aigoo~! He looks like me. (Touch little Minnie’s nose)
Jen: *sniff* I’m a mother. I can’t believe it.
Max: (Kiss Jen) Saranghae…♥

Manager: Max kissed Jen and uttered “Saranghae”.
[TVXQ were waiting]
Manager: Waeyo?? (Closed the manuscript)
TVXQ: Eh?!
Yunho: That’s it?
Manager: Deh~! (Nodding)
Micky: More!
Manager: But that’s all. I heard the writer wasn’t able to continue the story because she died of Leukemia.
Yunho: I want to see her in her wake…
Manager: You can’t…
Yunho: Waeyo?
Manager: There’s no address when that manuscript was sent.
Yunho: WHAT?! (Shook his head)
Max: Hyung! It’s cool, right? I uttered the last lines. The writer must have liked me very much.
[Xiah hit Max]
Max: Aish! What’s that for?
Hero: Stop it you guys!
Hero: It’s obvious that the writer’s favorite TVXQ member is me.
Manager: (Poked Hero’s head) Jaejoong! Stop it.
Hero: Mianhe. (Nodded)
Manager: Araso. I’m going to send the Win a Date with TVXQ winners in. Are you ready?
TVXQ: Deh~!!
Max: Aja! (Shouted and stood up)
[Xiah hit Max again]
Max: Aish! What’s that for again?
Xiah: Do you always have to be the center of attraction?
Max: Mianher. I just wanted to cheer us.
Manager: (Laugh) Araso, that’s enough. I’m gonna send the girls in. (Went outside)
[TVXQ gathered in a circle]
Max: Omo~! What if that really happens? I’m too young to be a father.
Yunho: (Nodded with his arms across his chest) I’m gonna be married after graduation.
Xiah: (Smile) Atleast I have a foreigner girlfriend.
Hero: Dream on guys. (Laugh)
Micky: (stood up and shook off his shoulders) The fiction is giving me chills.
[The door opened. They all fell silent and looked at the door.]
Manager: Okay guys. Here are the four lucky girls who won the contest.
Yunho: 4?!
Manager: Deh~! The other one backed out. At the last minute... Araso. I’m gonna leave you with them. Enjoy your night ladies!
Girls: Kamsahamnida (TRANS: Thank you)
[Manager left]
TVXQ: Annyeong Haseyo~! TVXQ-imnida~!
Girl1: Annyeong Haseyo, Nae-irumun Fokuda Yuki-imnida. (Bow)
[Junsu stepped backwards]
Girl2: Jeong Lovely-imnida. (Bow and smiled)
[Yunho blinked twice]
Girl3: Han Paris-imnida. (Bow)
[Micky bite his lips]
Girl4: Im Jen-imnida. (Bow)
[Max blushed and looked down while Hero scratched his head]
Max: *whispering to Xiah* Hyung, they have the same names with the girls in the fan fiction.
Xiah: Quiet!
Jen: Changmin-oppa, you’re voice is so great! And you’re so handsome too. If I have a child I’d want him too look like you.
Max: (Shocked) Omo! (Thought about the story in the fic) Ah.. ah…
Kam-sa-ham-nida (Stuttering)
[Xiah laughed quietly]
Hero: *whispering* Junsu-ah!
Junsu: *whisper back* Mianhe…
Yunho: Araso, so where do you want to to go ladies? A romantic dinner for two? (Looked at Lovely & smiled)
[Lovely giggled]
Hero: Araso, I’m going somewhere. I don’t have a date. (Left)
Max: Hyung, wait!
Jen: Oppa…
Yunho: Changmin, he’s going to be fine.
[Max nodded] [TVXQ left and went to a restaurant without Hero.]
*Hero was frustrated so he went to a convenient store, wearing a hoodie to disguise and bought noodles. He sat beside a girl.

Hero: Aish! I’m the only one who’s free tonight. How come they get to meet their partners in the story with the same names except me? So unfair.
Girl: (Look at Hero) Eh??
Hero: Eh??
Girl: Oh, I thought you were talking to me. (Smile)
Hero: (Smile) Aniya…
Girl: (Frown) Is that you Joongie-oppa?
Hero: Ah, ani! Ani!
Girl: Oppa, it’s you! Omo~! It’s me, Rose Park. I won a date with you but I could not come because I had to study for my finals.
Hero: Oh, so that’s why you have books with you.
Rose: Deh, I’m studying right now. Omo~! I’m so lucky! I thought I won’t see you, but here you are. (Excited)
Hero: (Smile) You must be smart.
Rose: Ani… (Smile) My parents are counting on me.
Hero: (Nodded and thought of the story in the fic) Mm? Well, your hard work will soon pay off. I bet you’re gonna graduate Summa Cum laude.
Rose: Cheongmal?! Are you some kind of a psychic Joongie?
Hero: (Laugh) Ani… trust me, I know.


Chapter 46: I Do
7:09 PM

*All senior students were busy practicing for their graduation…

Max: Jen, are you still okay? (Holding Jen’s hand)

Jen: Deh~! I need to be strong for our little Minnie. (Smile)

Max: (Touch Jen’s tummy) Little Minnie, be good to your umma, araso?

[Jen giggled]

*Meanwhile, Yunho was sitting alone in the corner. Emily approached him.

Emily: Hi! (Smile)

Yunho: Do I know you? (Raising his eyebrow)

Emily: (Smirked) I’m Emily.

Yunho: Oh~! You’re Jaejoong’s Ex. (Teasing voice)

Emily: (Hit Yunho’s arm) Yah~! He’s my past. I moved on.

Yunho: Cheongmal?! (Surprised) That’s great… Finally!

Emily: Deh~! (Sweet smile)

Prof: Break is over everyone! Come back here! (Shouts)

Yunho: Let’s go…

Emily: (Touching her forehead) I’m dizzy.

Yunho: (Hold Emily) Kwaenchana? Do you want me to accompany you to the clinic?

Emily: Aniya… I’ll just rest here.

Yunho: I’ll stay with you then…

[Lovely was looking for Yunho. When she turned around, she saw Emily’s head on Yunho’s shoulder.]

*After practice, Yunho went to Lovely.

Yunho: Hon… (Kissed Lovely’s cheek)

[She just stared at him]

Yunho: (Take Lovely’s hand to stand her up) Hon, let’s go…

[She pulled her hand, stood up and left]

Yunho: Lovely! Lovely!

[Candice saw what happened and smiled]

*At the restroom, The Plastics were gussying up. Candice spoke…

Candice: Guess what? Lovely and Yunho had a fight…

Amanda: Waeyo? (Raised eyebrow)

[Suddenly, Emily laughed.]

Scarlett: Oooh… I smell something fishy… (Smile)

Candice: Emily, you’re so evil.

Emily: Ye right. She deserves that…

[Sun-ye heard what they’re talking about. When the Plastics left, she went out the cubicle and shook her head.]

[Sun-ye went to Paris and told her everything she heard.]

Sun-ye: Paris, Lovely’s in trouble.

Paris: What?! (Worried)

Sun-ye: I heard Candice told them that Lovely & Yunho had a fight then Emily laughed, telling Lovely deserves it.

Paris: Omo~! That evil hag! (At her wits end)

Sun-ye: I think she’s responsible for that.

Paris: (Nod) Komawoyo…I’ll warn Lovely.

*At Paris’ House…

Paris: (Dialed Lovely’s number) Lovely pick up.

[Lovely answered the phone]

Lovely: Yoboseyo…

Paris: Lovely, Paris here.

Lovely: Oh~! Why did you call?

Paris: I need to tell you something.

Lovely: Tell what?

Paris: About Yunho & Emily.

Lovely: Aish! I know it already. I saw them sweet this morning.

Paris: It’s not what you think Lovely.

Lovely: Whatever Paris. I need time to think. It keeps on repeating. I don’t know if I can trust him again. *sniff*

Paris: Lovely, are you crying? Aigoo~! Don’t cry please.

Lovely: I’m okay. Bye.

[Lovely hung up while Paris frowned and sighed.]

*At a bar…

[Yunho drank his last shot.]

Hero: Ya~! What’s your problem?

Yunho: I don’t have a problem… (Pour more alcohol to his glass)

Hero: You can’t trick me. I know you. You’re only drinking when there’s an occasion or you have a problem.

Yunho: Araso…Araso… Lovely is mad at me and I don’t know why.

Hero: Did you call her?

Yunho: Deh~! 50 times, Jaejoong. 50 times and she didn’t answer even once… (Shook his head)

[Hero was silent]

*At the senior’s farewell party…

[Yunho was sitting in DBBP’s table while Lovely was dancing with Paris’ and others. Emily approached him again.]

Emily: Jung Yunho… (Sexy smile)

Yunho: Emily… (Smile)

Emily: Why are you alone? (Sit beside Yunho)

Yunho: I’m not in the mood to dance (Bitter smile)

Emily: Aigoo~! I heard you’re good in dancing. (Pout)

Yunho: Next time Emiy.

[Yuki saw Yunho and Emily talking so she whispered something to Lovely and pointed them.]

Emily: Do you want to go somewhere?

Yunho: Where?

Emily: Where you could relax… You know… (Smile)

Yunho: Araso… Let’s go. (Stood up)

[When Lovely saw them, she stopped dacing and went to Yunho.]

Lovely: Jung Yunho!! You’re not going anywhere! (Shouts)

[Emily raised her eyebrow while Yunho nodded and stayed.]

Emily: Abouya?! (*TRANS::What the hell?!)

[Lovely smiled first then slapped her. Emily look at Lovely harshly and was about to slap her back but Lovely caught her hand. When a waiter passed by, Lovely took a glass filled with wine and splashed it to Emily.]

Lovely: Wake up Emily! I’m sick and tired playing your dirty games. I’ve had enough… First you mess with Rose and Jaejoong. You tried to kill Yuki and caused Junsu an injury. You set Changmin up with Scarlett and caused Jen to suffer. And now, you want to take my life, my everything?!

[Emily glared at Lovely. The other students stopped dancing and the music was out. Rose and others gathered behind Lovely.]

Lovely: Are you happy? Doing these non-sense things? Jaejoong doesn’t love you anymore and I know someone will love you more than Jaejoong did. Just… just stop messing with us… I’ll let you go this time.

[Emily looked around. Students were whispering and were looking at her harshly. She was teary eyed. When she was searching for her friends, they were gone.]

Emily: (Crying) I’m sorry…

[Emily covered her mouth then ran]

[Rose, Jen, Yuki and Paris embraced Lovely…]


*Students were marching to their sits, wearing a black toga. It was so solemn…


Headmaster: It is time for the blossom of flowers again. I believe that all of you students are reluctant to leave. This is the day for the graduation of Kyanggi students. I have a few words. When we entered the society to get along with others, we paid special attention on doing good things even it is little. If you walk there must be trace. “One step, One footprint.”

Lovely: *whispering* The ceremony is on. Where’s Max and others? Are they still coming or not?

Jen: *whispering back* I don’t know.

Headmaster: …reading is the source for wisdom. In education, it should be like me. Never talk much, always be very strict. Always be hardworking. Like me being generous. Like me being honest. Like me being unselfish. You, graduating students should have my spirit.


Headmaster: You’re welcome to come back…

[Students were starting to cheer.]

Lovely: They have come… (Smile)

Jen: Deh~! (Smile)

[DBBP were walking on aisle. Students were cheering and clapping their hands.]

Headmaster: Parting does not mean the end but a start of a new beginning.

[Students were still cheering. DBBP went up the stage and smiled arrogantly.]

Headmaster: I…

[Max interrupted]

Max: Where’s my grad certificate?

[Headmaster frowned]

Headmaster: Araso… Now we award the grad certificate.

[The headmaster gace the certificate to Max and congratulated him.]

Jen: Aigoo~! My hubby is so cute. (Chuckle)

Lovely: (Smiled) Deh~!

[Rose was awarded as the Summa Cum laude, Sun-ye as the Magna Cum laude and Jen as the Cum laude. Lovely got the Leadership award. After the ceremony, the students threw their cap and cheered.]

[Yunho interrupted them and went on the podium.]

Yunho: Ehem! (Clearing his throat) Everyone please take your sits. (Smile)

Paris: Waeyo? (*TRANS: Why?)

[Lovely frowned]

Rose: You’re still mad at Yunho?

[Lovely nodded]

Yunho: It’s been a week since the girl I love doesn’t talk to me. I wonder what she’s thinking right now… (Smile)

[Students cheered again]

Rose: Ya~! What are you thinking huh?? (Teasing)

Lovely: Nothing!! (Shook her head)

Yuki: Aigoo~! You’re blushing.

Yunho: We experienced problems such as break ups and fights but we stayed strong.

[Rose petals were starting to fall from the sky.]

Paris: So romantic… (Looking at the sky)

Jen: I think he’s apologizing for what happened.

Lovely: Aniya~! (Shook her head)

[Yunho went down and went to Lovely.]

[Rose was pushing Lovely but Lovely stayed put.]

Yunho: (Kneeled down in front of Lovely) Lovely…

Lovely: Ya~! What are you doing? (Hissed)

Yunho: (Held Lovely’s hand) Lovely, I can’t find the right words to say but…

Lovely: Yunho? (Nervous)

Yunho: (Took a ring in his pocket) Lovely Jeong, will you marry me?

[Lovely was surprised and was teary eyed.]

Lovely: (Crying) Yes… Yes… I will marry you Jung Yunho.

[Yunho put the ring on her finger and stood up. He embraced Lovely.]

Yunho: Saranghae…

Lovely: Saranghae.

[Yunho looked at Lovely’s eyes and kissed her passionately.]

[Everyone cheered as the petals continued to fall down.]

Chapter 45: Forever
12:19 AM

*At Jen’s room…

Jen: (Sitting on her bed & holding the pregnancy kit) Omo… What should I do? Changmin was angry when he learned about my situation… should I just abort the baby? (Shook her head) What am I thinking?!
[Suddenly somebody knocked on the door…]
Mrs. Im: Jen? Jen?
Jen: Umma! (Hid the kit under her bed)
[Jen opened the door]
Mrs. Im: Jen, I heard about what happened to you at school today. Are you okay? (Touch Jen’s face)
Jen: I’m fine umma. (Smile)
Mrs. Im: What happened to you? Maybe you should skip school first.
Jen: Ani! I was just stressed out umma. I just need to rest.
Mrs. Im: Araso, sleep now. (Kiss Jen’s forehead)
Jen: Goodnight umma…
Mrs. Im: Goodnight.
[Before sleeping, Jen tried to call Max.]
Jen: Oppa… pick up

**At Max’s room**
[Max was sitting on his bed with his elbows resting on his knees. Suddenly his phone rang…]
Max: Jen…
[He turned off his phone]

**At Jen’s room**
Jen: Maybe he just needs time to think…

*The next morning, at the classroom, Jen arrived.
Rose: How are you Jen?
Jen: I’m fine now. Thanks. (Smile sweetly)
Paris: Sit here Jen.
Jen: Kamsahamnida.
[Yunho approached them.]
Yunho: Have you seen Changmin?
[Lovely glared at Yunho]
Yunho: What?!
Jen: Girls, I think they still don’t know.
Hero: Know what?
Jen: I’m pregnant and Changmin’s the father.
Yunho and Hero: Eh?!
[Hero approached Jen, kneeled down and touched Jen’s tummy.]
Hero: Omo~! I’m gonna be an uncle.
[Everybody laughed]

*Micky and Xiah arrived…
Micky: Seems like everybody’s having fun.
Xiah: Deh~! Did we miss something?
Hero: Ya missed A LOT
Micky: Eh?! I thought we were supposed to tell everything to each other? No secrets right?
Paris: You see Chunnie… (Approach Micky and playfully touching his arm) It’s kind of private so… (Wink)
Micky: Quit seducing me Paris. Not now, later okay?
[Everybody laughed]
Jen: Yoochun, have you seen Changmin?
Micky: Ani, we’ve been searching for him all day.
Xiah: I think he skipped school.
Jen: Oh… (Disappointed)
Xiah: Why?
Jen: I… I… I’m pregnant.
Micky: Omo~! Does Changmin know?
Jen: Deh…
Micky: What did he say?
Jen: Nothing…
Xiah: Jen, don’t cover up for him.
Jen: He was angry but…
Xiah: Aish~! That Changmin…
[Xiah walked away]
Jen: Junsu-ah!! Ahh… (her tummy ached)
Hero: (Held Jen) Omo~! Be careful Jen…
Jen: Joongie, please follow Junsu. Don’t let him hurt Changmin.
Hero: Yes Ma’am! (Quickly kiss Rose)
[Hero ran to follow Junsu and then ran back to them and touched Jen’s tummy.]
Hero: I’ll be back my niece… or… nephew? (Smile and run after Xiah)

*At Max’s house…
[Xiah knocked at the door. The maid let Xiah and Hero in and they proceeded to Max’s room. Before knocking on the door of the room, Hero touched Xiah’s shoulder.]
Hero: Junsu, take it easy. If you hurt Changmin, Jen will be sad. Please understand that she is very fragile right now.
Xiah: I won’t hurt him, okay? I’ll just talk to him.
Hero: I’ll come with you.
[Xiah knocked on Max’s door and opened it.]
Xiah: Changmin!
Changmin: (Looked at Xiah) Hyung~! (Stood up) I have a really big…
[Before Max could talk Xiah poked him.]
Max: (Looked up slowly) Aish~! What’s that for?!
Xiah: For rejecting Jen! Now’s the time that she needs you most. You should care for her. If Yuki will be pregnant with my child, I would be happy and stay with her. I won’t lock myself in my room like a loser would.
Max: (Sat on the bed) Hyung… I’m not yet ready.
Xiah: Changmin, it’s not about if you’re ready or not. You did that to Jen and you have to accept it. Would you like your child to have no father?
Xiah: Think about it…
[Max buried his face to his hands. Hero approached him, rubbed his back and leaned on him.]
Hero: (Whispering) Changmin… don’t leave Jen.

*The next day, at class.
Prof: Ms. Im, will you please get the OHP in the faculty room?
[Lovely and the others looked at Jen.]
Yuki: (Stood up) I’m gonna get it sir.
Prof: No. I want Ms. Im
Rose: Sir, may I accompany her?
Prof: No. What’s with getting the OHP? Ms. Im get it now.
[Jen stood up, looked at her friends and nodded. She walked to the faculty room while holding her tummy.When she reached the faculty room she stopped infront of the OHP…]
Jen: (Sighs) Aja! (Close her fist in front of her)
[Jen carried the OHP back to her room.]
Jen: Omo~! The OHP seem heavier than usual.
[Jen reached the classroom and went back to her seat.]
Jen: (Took deep breaths) (Closed her eyes and then looked at Yuki) I’m okay. (Whisper)

*After the period, the bell rings.
Prof: Okay class, we’ll continue the discussion tomorrow. Ah! Ms. Im I’ll put you in charge of the stage design since you’re the class’ artist.
Jen: Uhm…
[Before Jen could speak, their professor left the room. Jen went infront of the room.]
Jen: Would anybody like to help me with the stage design?
[Nobody answered so Jen went back to her seat. The girls approached Jen.]
Rose: Jen, I’d like to help you but I need to substitute for Mr. Geum.
Yuki: Paris and I need to arrange the program.
Lovely: Omo~! I promised my mom to accompany her. Anyways, I’ll just tell her that something came up.
Jen: Oh… Ani! Ani! No need for that Lovely. I can handle myself.
Lovely: Sure?
Jen: Deh~!
Paris: Araso. Just promise us you’ll call when you need help. Araso?
Jen: Araso, I promise!

Jen: Aish~! Why do I have to do all the work? (Sighs)
[Jen started cutting the designs. By 5:30 pm she was finished.]
Jen: There, all I need is to arrange and stick the designs.
[She stared at the stage.]
Jen: Omo~! How am I supposed to stick these? The stage is so big. (Frown)
[She started sticking the designs at the bottom. She grabbed a chair and stood on it. She tried to stick the design but she can’t reach it…]
Max: Jen!
[She looked at Max]
Max: (Ran to Jen and held her waist) What are you doing? Get down.
[She held Max’s shoulder and went down]
Max: What if you fell down?!
Jen: Oppa~ (Smile)
Max: Jen, please take care of yourself.
Jen: (Smiled and hugged Max on the waist) Araso…
[Max hugged Jen and caressed her hair.]
[They stayed there for a moment and then…]

Max: Jen…
Jen: Hmm? (Looked up)
Max: I prepared dinner for us…
Jen: Wow, (smile) so that’s why you were absent.
Max: De, I prepared all day (smile)… I wanted to put this off until we eat dinner but I don’t think I can keep it from you any longer.
[Max let go of Jen and held her hands. Jen stepped back]
Max: I, Shim Changmin, vow to love and take care of you and our child to the extent of my ability; to trust you always and never hurt you ever again…Jen… (let go of Jen’s right hand and knelt down) I can’t wait to love you forever…will you marry me? (Held the ring)
Jen: (Shocked) (Smiled slowly and bit her lower lip) De… I will.
[Max put the ring on Jen’s hand, smiled and stood up]
[Max hugged Jen. Jen buried her face in Max’s chest.]

Jen: Oppa, there’s no such thing as forever. (Whisper)
Max: (Whisper) I’ll make it possible for you.
[Max touched Jen’s chin and leaned to kiss her.]
Max: Saranghae… (while kissing)
Jen: (Stopped kissing Max and smiled) Forever?
Max: (Smiled) Forever.
[Max kissed Jen again and Jen kissed him back.]

Chapter 44: Positive
12:25 AM

*After 1 month…
**At the girls’ bathroom, the girls were retouching their make-ups except for Jen. She was walking back and forth so Lovely noticed her…

Lovely: (Faced Jen and put her hands on her waist) Ya~! Would you cut that out? What’s your problem?
Jen: Lovely… girls… I haven’t had my period yet.
[3 of them faced her particulary Rose, Yuki and Paris.]
All: So?!
Jen: I made love with Changmin… (Blushed)
All: Omo~!
Rose: Does Changmin already know?
Jen: Anio… (Shook her head)
Yuki: OMG!! Let’s buy a pregnancy kit.
Paris: Let’s buy it after class.
Jen: Deh. I don’t know what to do. How will I tell it to Changmin? How will I tell it to my parents?
Lovely: (Held Jen & hugged her) Don’t worry. We’re here to support you.
Rose: Let’s go…

*At the classroom…
[Max sat beside Jen. She ignored Max’s presence. She was resting her chin on her hand.]
Max: *thinking* Why she’s ignoring me? What did I do?
Jen: *thinking* I hope I’m not pregnant… (Long sigh)
[Max snapped his finger in front of Jen]
Max: Jen…
Jen: Huh?!
Max: Is there anything bothering you?
Jen: Nothing.
[Max nodded. Jen stared at his eyes then looked away. Max noticed it so he took Jen’s right hand and kissed it.]

*After class…
Max: Let’s go home together…
Jen: I…
[Yuki appeared behind Jen and smiled sweetly.]
Yuki: Ahm? Minnie, will it be alright if Jen will join us? We’re having a girls’ night.
Max: But…
Jen: Oppa… (Puppy eyes)
Max: Araso…Araso… Don’t drink too much… I’ll go now…bye. (Kissed Jen then left)
[Yuki stared at Jen’s eyes as if they were talking. Jen understood it and she grabbed Yuki’s hand.]

*The girls went to the nearest pharmacy. Jen was shy to buy it so 4 of them played rock, paper, and scissors. Rose lost so she’s the one who would buy the pregnancy kit.]

Rose: One pregnancy kit please.
[The pharmacist just stared at her for a long time.]
Rose: What?!
Pharmacist: Ani… ani…
[The pharmacist turned around and shook her head in disbelief.]
Pharmacist: Here…
[Rose paid it then turned around]
Pharmacist: The youth nowadays are very different,
Rose: (Stopped and looked back) Deh! We’re so unique right?!
[Rose didn’t wait for her answer. She continued walking and left.]


Paris: What happened? You seemed irritated.
Rose: Nothing… Here Jen. (Gave the plastic)
Jen: Komawo…
Yuki: Jen, do it now.
Jen: Ani. I’m nervous. I’ll do it at home.
Lovely: Girls, let’s respect her decision. Let’s go home.
*All of them went home directly.

*At Jen’s house…
**Jen opened the door and walked fast. Her mom called her.
Mrs. Im: Sweetie, let’s eat. I’ve waited for you…
Jen: (Walked towards her mom and hugged her) Umma, I’m full now. Mianhe…
Mrs. Im: (Disappointed) Alright. Take a rest now. (Kissed Jen’s forehead)
[Jen went upstairs and locked her room. She took the pregnancy kit in her bag and went inside the bathroom.]
Jen: I’m not pregnant… (Cross fingers)
[Jen took a pregnancy test and waited for several minutes.]
Jen: (Sighs) What will I do?
[Suddenly, she sat down at the toilet and she covered her face.]

*The next day. Break Time.
**The girls and DBBP decided to stay at the room to eat their snacks.
Rose: Jen, what’s the result?
Paris: Deh…
[Everybody’s eyes were looking at Jen.]
Jen: (Feel conscious) I don’t want to talk about it. Let’s eat first.
Yuki: Okay…
[Max was approaching Jen’s seat and he was holding garlic bread.]
Jen: Aaah~! What’s that smell? I hate it!
Max: Omo~! You love garlic bread right?!
Jen: (Shocked) Right! Right!
(The girls looked at each other suspiciously)

[After a few minutes]
*Jen suddenly stood up, went to the nearest bathroom and vomited. Lovely followed her and rubbed her back.]
Lovely: Are you alright? You’re pregnant, aren’t you?
Jen: (Washed her mouth and faced Lovely) Deh… I’m pregnant. (Embraced Lovely)
Lovely: Wait! I remember… our next class is PE. Will you join?
Jen: Deh. I’ll act normally.
Lovely: But don’t move too much okay? That Changmin-ah! He’s so stupid. He didn’t use contraceptives.
[Jen smiled]
Jen: It’s our first…
Lovely: Oh~! He must have sought advice from Yunho.
Jen: Omo~! You did it too?! Why you didn’t tell us?
Lovely: It’s private! I just slipped.
[Lovely and Jen talked about their experience and laughed]

*At the gym…
Coach: We’ll play basketball today. Girls will be separated from boys. First five for the girls will be Paris, Rose, Lovely, Jen and Yuki. First five for the boys will be Yunho, Jaejoong, Yoochun, Changmin and Junsu.
[Lovely looked at Jen and widened her eyes. Jen just nodded at her.]

*While playing…
Lovely: Hey Jen! You’re still okay?
Jen: Deh~! (Shouts)
[Jen catched the ball and shoot a 3 point shot. Luckily, the ball shoots. Everybody cheered for her. She smiled then she got dizzy and passed out.]

*At the Clinic…
Nurse: Your friend is pregnant, isn’t she?
Rose: Deh…
Nurse: She’s 1 month pregnant. Who’s the lucky father?
Rose: Shim Changmin. But she’s not yet telling him.
Nurse: (Nodded) She can’t keep it forever…
Lovely: Please… if Changmin visits, tell him that Jen was just stressed. Please…
Nurse: Araso… I understand Ms. Im’s situation.

*After 5 mins, Jen woke up…

Jen: (Touching her forehead) What happened?
Lovely: You fainted. I told you to rest…
Jen: Mianhe… (Touch her tummy) Mianhe little Minnie…
[Suddenly, Changmin arrived.]
Max: *Panting* Jen!! Are you okay? I’m sorry…
Jen: It’s okay. I’m doing great… I’m just tired.
Rose: Lovely, let’s go. Let’s leave them first.
Lovely: Okay! Toodles!
[The nurse smiled at Rose and Lovely.]
Nurse: Jen, I’ll take a break first.
Jen: Araso. (Smile)
[Nurse left]


Jen: Changmin…
Max: Deh?
Jen: What if I have an incurable disease, will you still love me?
Max: Of course!
Jen: What if something will happen to me right now and ruined my face, will you still love me?
Max: Yes! I’ll always love you. You know that…
Jen: What if…?
Max: Wait. Is there any problem?
Jen: Minnie-ah…
Max: Deh?!
Jen: I’m pregnant. (Low voice)
Max: Eh?!
Jen: I’m pregnant!! (Shout)
Max: No! You can’t be pregnant! I can’t be a father yet! I’m not ready! I have dreams!!
Jen: I have dreams too, oppa! But it was our choice and this is the consequence.
[Max stood up and hit the chair. He screamed desperately then left.]
Jen: Changmin!! Changmin!!
[Jen wept.]

Chapter 43: Sugar, Spice and Everything Nice
12:10 AM

*The last class for the day, Geography.
Jen: (Passed a note to Max)

My Minnie,

Please come with me at my house today. My parents are at a business trip.
Saranghae! ♥


Max: (Replied to the note)

I haven’t said “yes”

Jen: *Whispering* Oh I know you would anyway! (Giggle)
Max: (Smile) Araso.
Jen: Kamsahamnida. (Blew a kiss)
Max: (Caught the kiss and put it in his pocket) I’ll reserve it for emergency purposes. (Winked)
[Jen giggled]

*Bell Rings… Max approached Jen.
Max: I’m ready.
Jen: Omo~! You seem so excited.
Max: Of course, I’m going to be with you…alone. (Grin)
Jen: Minnie-ah… I don’t like that idea.
Max: (Laugh) What?!

*At the parking lot…
Max: Aigoo~! Where is my car?
Junpyo: Hyung! JJ told me to tell you he borrowed your car.
[Max searched for the keys in his pocket and he didn’t find it.]
Max: Mm? I wonder how he got it…so I guess we’re going to commute.
Jen: Araso. (Smile)
Max: But I don’t know how.
[Jen laughed]
Max: Seriously.
Jen: What?
Max: I don’t know how.
[Jen laughed again]
Max: Don’t laugh at me, it’s not funny. (Frown)
Jen: (Laugh) Are you kidding me? It’s hilarious.
Max: I said it’s not funny!
Jen: (Laugh) Araso. I’ll stop now.
[Jen bursted into laughter]
Max: Aish! (Walked away)
Jen: Oppa~! (Smile)
Max: Don’t laugh at me! (Pout)
Jen: (Laugh) You look like a child!
Max: Stop it!
Jen: Okay, I’ll stop.
[They walked to the train station silently. Max’s hands are on his pocket. Jen stopped. Max looked at her.]
Jen: Araso. Step no.1: Buy tickets to the ticket booth.
[Max went to the ticket booth.]
Girl: Hi sir. How many tickets? (Smiling and flirting)
Max: Uhm, 2 tickets please.
[Max handed the money and the girl intentionally touched his hand and smiled. Max did not react and Jen was glaring.]
Girl: Here’s your change sir. Kamsahamnida. (Smile)
Max: (Nodded) Here… (Handed the tickets to Jen)
Jen: You seemed like you enjoyed it.
Max: Yea. It was my first… I did not flirt with the girl.
Jen: Ye, I know. I’m proud of you. (Smile)
Max: (Smile) Can I get a reward for that?
[Jen kissed Max]
Max: *Sigh* Heaven…
Jen: (Laugh) Araso. Step no.2: Insert the card intp the slot and get in on the other side.
[Max got inside and so did Jen. They stepped inside the train and he saw an empty seat.]
Max: Step no.3: Let your girl sit.
[Jen smiled]
Max: It’s called sacrifice.
Jen: Kamsahamnida~!
[Max stood in front of Jen and held onto the bar. While riding, Max held Jen’s hand using his free hand and kept on looking around.]
Jen: (Smile) You look so innocent… (whispered)
Max: Eh??
Jen: Nothing.

*They arrived at Jen’s house. Max looked around.
Jen: What? Look, don’t expect it to be as big as your house.
Max: No… (Laugh) Your house just looks so cute. (Smile)
[Max kept on looking around. Jen fixed her things on the sofa.]

Max: I’m hungry.
Jen: I’ll cook.
Max: I’ll stay here. (Smile)
Jen: Okay.
[Jen went to the kitchen and cooked. While cooking, Max hugged Jen from her back.]
Max: What are you cooking? (Smelled Jen’s hair)
Jen: (Smile) Hmm… Ramen
Max: u-huh. (Kissed Jen’s cheek and then down to her neck)
Jen: Changmin-ah…
[Max turned her so that she is facing him. He kissed her for a few minutes then Jen held back.]
Jen: (Fixed Max’s shirt) You’re hungry (pointing to his tummy) right?
Max: Right.
Jen: So I’m gonna feed you.
[Jen continued cooking. After a few minutes, Jen served the food and called over Max.]
Jen: Oppa~! Food is ready. Let’s eat.
Max: Wow! It smells delicious.
Jen: Ofcourse it does! Wait till you taste it. (Laugh)
Max: Oh, I can’t wait!
[Max ate while Jen watched him. Max laughed]
Jen: What’s funny?
Max: Nothing.We look like a married couple.

-------------[ NC - 17 ] ------------------

[After Max and Jen ate, Max carried her.]
Jen: Omo~! Oppa!
[Max laughed]
Jen: Where are you taking me?
Max: Somewhere… (Smirk)
[Max gave Jen a quick kiss on the lips]
[Max carried Jen to her room and kissed her continuously. He laid her in the bed and spread her arms and kissed her from the lips down to her neck while unbuttoning her blouse. His kiss went down to her shoulder then to her chest.]
Jen: Changmin! (Sat up quickly)
[Jen hit Max’s cheek.]
Max: Aw!
Jen: Omo~! Mianhe…
[Jen got an ice bag downstairs and brought it up to her room.]
[Jen held the ice bag on Max’s cheek. He was staring blankly then he closed his eyes. He touched Jen’s hand while it’s still on his cheek then he opened his eyes. He put Jen’s hand over his shoulder then laid her down the bed while kissing her.]
Jen: Oppa…
Max: I’ll be gentle. I promise.

*The next morning. Jen was lying on the chest of Max wearing on Max’s polo shirt.
[Max was tracing random patterns on Jen’s back.]
Jen: Morning… (Smile)
Max: Morning sleepyhead. How are you?
Jen: I’m fine. (Smile)
Jen: It hurts a bit…
[Max raised his eyebrows]
Jen: But…
Max: But what?
Jen: (Smile) I never thought it would be like that. It felt so good especially I did with you.
Max: Uhm… (Nodded)
Jen: What?
Max: Nothing.
[Jen pouted]
Max: What?
Max: are you worried that I did not enjoy myself?
[Jen nodded]
Max: Of course I did. It’s…
Jen: The best?
[Max nodded]
Jen: Really?
Max: U-huh.
[Jen smiled then kissed him.]

Chapter 42: Stupid Cupid
7:04 PM

*Bell Rings*

**At the Library…

Paris: Omo~! I have my literature class. Gotta run Sunye!

Sunye: Araso. I’ll call you Paris.

Paris: Annyeong!

*At the Classroom.

Professor: Good Afternoon class.

All: Good afternoon Mr. Park.

Professor: Today, I’ll discuss a story in Greek Mythology. It’s about the betrayal of Zeus to Hera. The title is “The Rape of Europa”.

[Paris opened the door]

Paris: *panting* Good afternoon sir! Sorry I’m late.

Micky: Ahem! (Looked away)

[Paris looked at Micky then went to her seat.]

Prof: Don’t be late again Ms. Paris.

Paris: Deh…

Prof: Moving on… The Rape of Europa is like the Renaissance idea of the classical – fantastic, delicately decorated, bright colored – is taken entirely from a poem of the 3rd Century Alexandrian poet Moschus by far the best account. Now, let’s start…

[Micky whispered something to Xiah]

Micky: Boring…

Xiah: Deh! I would rather flirt with Yuki.

Hero: Shush! Quiet! I’m trying to listen here… *whispering*

Max: Omo~! I’ve read this before. I know it!

[They looked at Max and bursted to laughter]

Prof: Mr. Jung! Do you have problem?

Yunho: Nothing sir. Nothing.

[Lovely giggled while Paris looked back at Micky and rolled her eyes.]

Prof: Hera was off guard to her husband. One morning, Zeus was watching the Earth. He suddenly saw a charming spectacle named Europa. She was in the garden with her siblings. While watching the beautiful scene, a mischievous boy, Cupid – shot one of his shafts into Zeus heart and that very instant he fell madly in love with Europa. Zeus changed himself to a bull. He went down to Earth to fetch Europa who willingly rode on his back. On their way to Crete, Europa was frightened and realized that the bull was a god. When they reached Crete, Zeus raped her…

All: Woah!!! (Amazed)

[Professor smiled]

Prof: If you were in the place of Hera how would you react and why?

[Paris raised her right hand]

Prof: Yes Paris Han?

[Paris stood up]

Paris: If I were Hera, I would feel betrayed of course. Because in the first place Zeus isn’t supposed to be eyeing other woman.

[Micky stood up and their professor was shocked.]

Micky: But then of course, it’s not Zeus’ fault! It was an accident that Cupid shot him in the heart.

Prof: Ye, you have a point Mr. Park.

Paris: If Zeus didn’t WANT it to happen, he wouldn’t flirt with Europa!

[Paris emphasized the word want.]

Micky: It was Europa who flirted with Zeus!

Paris: Ani! Did Zeus ever think what will Hera feel? No right?! Because he doesn’t care at all!

Micky: You’re wrong! Zeus was sorry for what he did! He can’t sleep and eat, thinking of Hera.

Paris: Really?! Oh c’mon!! You’re making me laugh Yoochun! If Zeus was really sorry for what he did, he would be consistent in apologizing.

[Yunho stood up]

Yunho: Wait!! Why don’t you just say it straightly?!

All: Ayee!!

[Their professor grinned]

Prof: You make take your seats.

[Paris and Micky took their seats. Paris blushed while Micky scratched his head.]

Prof: Enough with the argument. Let’s call it a day. We shall continue it tomorrow. Goodbye and thank you class.

All: (Stood up) Goodbye and thank you Mr. Park.

[All of the students left except for Micky and Paris. She was fixing her things then she took her bag and walked towards the door. Micky ran and grabbed Paris’ hand.]

Micky: I need to talk to you.

Paris: We don’t have anything to talk about.

Micky: Please listen to me.

Paris: Let me go! You’re hurting me.

[Micky pulled her to him. He embraced Paris.]

Paris: Yoochun!

Micky: I’m sorry Paris. (Caressing her hair) I shouldn’t have done it. I shouldn’t have kissed her back. I shouldn’t have said yes to her. I’m really sorry.

[Paris sniffed. Her tears roll down to Micky’s shoulder.]

Micky: Are you crying? Paris

Paris: Ani *sob* (Burrowed her face to Micky’s chest)

Micky: (Kiss Paris’ forehead) I want you to tell me the words you wrote on the letter you gave me…

Paris: I… I… love…

[Micky didn’t wait for her to finish. He kissed her lips. Paris’ eyes widened. She slowly closed her eyes as she responded to Micky’s kiss.]

*After kissing…

Paris: So… what now? You’re forgiven.

Micky: Mm? Does it mean that I can be your man?

Paris: (Blushed and looked down) Erm…

Micky: Erm?

Paris: Yah~! You kissed Amanda first than me.

Micky: (Laughed and pinched her cheeks) Anio! I kissed you when you’re sleeping in the hospital.

Paris: Agh! Yoochun-ah!! (Blushed)

[Paris remembered her dream in the Hospital. It was Micky who kissed her in her dreams. She can’t believe it was really true.]

Micky: I love you… I really do. You helped me to forget my past. Don’t leave me.

Paris: (Touching his face) I’ll never leave you.

Micky: Thank you for entering my life… You said that I should wait for the right girl to come. Well, she’s finally here, standing in front of me.

[Micky embraced Paris]

Paris: Omo~! I forgot. We still have our next class. We’re going to be late. I don’t want to be late again!

[Micky grabbed her right hand then they both ran.]