Love in a Mist
by Yunmie & Sangie


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Love in a Mist is a drama patterned on the Taiwanovela Meteor Garden. Male leading roles are played by Dong Bang Shin Ki, a popular Korean boy band.

♥ When a lover of many touches you would you accept him?
♥ When love reaches out back would you hold on to it?
♥ Would you even have imagined yourself in a chaotic and mysterious love?
♥ Through persuasion and patience can love be bought?
♥ When two people of the same heartbreak fall inlove with each other, do you consider that true?

Follow the lives of these teenage lovers as they fall in love in a mist.

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Dong Bang Bul Pae
"The Ashes of Time"

Choikang Changmin as Max
The leader of H4, now known as Dong Bang Bul Pae. He is the rich son of a large hospital owner. He loves to bully others but has a big heart for the poor. He has a crush on Jen and is having a hard time courting her...again.
Jung Yunho as Yunho
His father is a famous Korean painter. His mother is an actress. A very conservative guy. He lovess Lovely but she likes Hero.
Youngwoong Jaejoong as Hero
A very mysterious man. He is a quiet and a smart kid. He is a martial arts expert. He is loved and like by Rose but he doesn't appreciate her at all and ends up hurting her big time.
Kim Junsu as Xiah
An equestrian and the son of an ambassador. He is rumored to have many women. He became serious in his relationships when he met Yuki.
Park Yoochun as Micky/Yoochun
Childhood friend of Rose. His family became rich and he has a secret love to Rose.As Paris enters his life, his whole life changes.
New Ways Girls
"The Girlfriends"

Im Yoon Ah as Jen Im
Daughter of a police commissioner. A strong girl and a little bit boyish. Her first love is Max but they got separated because of an affair. And now, Max is courting her for the 2nd time.
Jeong Ryeo-won as Lovely Jeong
A daughter of a jewel dealer and the leader of the group. She has an attractive body and style. Dreaming to marry a rich man someday. She likes Hero but when Rose and Hero became close, her feelings subsided.
Park Min Young as Rose Park
A top student in her class. She is a transferee and she is poor. Her father is a regular employee in a company. She fell in love to Hero accidentally.
Hwang Mi Young as Yuki Fokuda
A daughter of a wealthy president of Moonbucks and an exchange student from Japan as well. She stayed in the school for 3 months, kept on following Xiah and captures his heart.
Lim Eun Kyoung as Paris Han
A rich daughter who always get what she wants. She became the fiancee of Yunho but as she hang outs with Micky she accidently fell inlove to him.
Mean Girls
"The Plastics"

Han Ga In as Emily Yoon
The meanest ex-girlfriend of Hero who plans to take him back by doing dirty tricks.
Nam Gyu ri as Scarlett Park
One of Emily's meaner friend who deceived Changmin.
Bae Seul Gi as Amanda Lee
She's a self-important mean woman who flirts Micky.
Lee Hyo ri as Candice Choi
She's a self-centered mean woman and tries to separate Xiah and Yuki.She's also the younger half-sister of Younha, Junsu's dead ex-girlfriend.

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Chapter 46: I Do

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Chapter 46: I Do
7:09 PM

*All senior students were busy practicing for their graduation…

Max: Jen, are you still okay? (Holding Jen’s hand)

Jen: Deh~! I need to be strong for our little Minnie. (Smile)

Max: (Touch Jen’s tummy) Little Minnie, be good to your umma, araso?

[Jen giggled]

*Meanwhile, Yunho was sitting alone in the corner. Emily approached him.

Emily: Hi! (Smile)

Yunho: Do I know you? (Raising his eyebrow)

Emily: (Smirked) I’m Emily.

Yunho: Oh~! You’re Jaejoong’s Ex. (Teasing voice)

Emily: (Hit Yunho’s arm) Yah~! He’s my past. I moved on.

Yunho: Cheongmal?! (Surprised) That’s great… Finally!

Emily: Deh~! (Sweet smile)

Prof: Break is over everyone! Come back here! (Shouts)

Yunho: Let’s go…

Emily: (Touching her forehead) I’m dizzy.

Yunho: (Hold Emily) Kwaenchana? Do you want me to accompany you to the clinic?

Emily: Aniya… I’ll just rest here.

Yunho: I’ll stay with you then…

[Lovely was looking for Yunho. When she turned around, she saw Emily’s head on Yunho’s shoulder.]

*After practice, Yunho went to Lovely.

Yunho: Hon… (Kissed Lovely’s cheek)

[She just stared at him]

Yunho: (Take Lovely’s hand to stand her up) Hon, let’s go…

[She pulled her hand, stood up and left]

Yunho: Lovely! Lovely!

[Candice saw what happened and smiled]

*At the restroom, The Plastics were gussying up. Candice spoke…

Candice: Guess what? Lovely and Yunho had a fight…

Amanda: Waeyo? (Raised eyebrow)

[Suddenly, Emily laughed.]

Scarlett: Oooh… I smell something fishy… (Smile)

Candice: Emily, you’re so evil.

Emily: Ye right. She deserves that…

[Sun-ye heard what they’re talking about. When the Plastics left, she went out the cubicle and shook her head.]

[Sun-ye went to Paris and told her everything she heard.]

Sun-ye: Paris, Lovely’s in trouble.

Paris: What?! (Worried)

Sun-ye: I heard Candice told them that Lovely & Yunho had a fight then Emily laughed, telling Lovely deserves it.

Paris: Omo~! That evil hag! (At her wits end)

Sun-ye: I think she’s responsible for that.

Paris: (Nod) Komawoyo…I’ll warn Lovely.

*At Paris’ House…

Paris: (Dialed Lovely’s number) Lovely pick up.

[Lovely answered the phone]

Lovely: Yoboseyo…

Paris: Lovely, Paris here.

Lovely: Oh~! Why did you call?

Paris: I need to tell you something.

Lovely: Tell what?

Paris: About Yunho & Emily.

Lovely: Aish! I know it already. I saw them sweet this morning.

Paris: It’s not what you think Lovely.

Lovely: Whatever Paris. I need time to think. It keeps on repeating. I don’t know if I can trust him again. *sniff*

Paris: Lovely, are you crying? Aigoo~! Don’t cry please.

Lovely: I’m okay. Bye.

[Lovely hung up while Paris frowned and sighed.]

*At a bar…

[Yunho drank his last shot.]

Hero: Ya~! What’s your problem?

Yunho: I don’t have a problem… (Pour more alcohol to his glass)

Hero: You can’t trick me. I know you. You’re only drinking when there’s an occasion or you have a problem.

Yunho: Araso…Araso… Lovely is mad at me and I don’t know why.

Hero: Did you call her?

Yunho: Deh~! 50 times, Jaejoong. 50 times and she didn’t answer even once… (Shook his head)

[Hero was silent]

*At the senior’s farewell party…

[Yunho was sitting in DBBP’s table while Lovely was dancing with Paris’ and others. Emily approached him again.]

Emily: Jung Yunho… (Sexy smile)

Yunho: Emily… (Smile)

Emily: Why are you alone? (Sit beside Yunho)

Yunho: I’m not in the mood to dance (Bitter smile)

Emily: Aigoo~! I heard you’re good in dancing. (Pout)

Yunho: Next time Emiy.

[Yuki saw Yunho and Emily talking so she whispered something to Lovely and pointed them.]

Emily: Do you want to go somewhere?

Yunho: Where?

Emily: Where you could relax… You know… (Smile)

Yunho: Araso… Let’s go. (Stood up)

[When Lovely saw them, she stopped dacing and went to Yunho.]

Lovely: Jung Yunho!! You’re not going anywhere! (Shouts)

[Emily raised her eyebrow while Yunho nodded and stayed.]

Emily: Abouya?! (*TRANS::What the hell?!)

[Lovely smiled first then slapped her. Emily look at Lovely harshly and was about to slap her back but Lovely caught her hand. When a waiter passed by, Lovely took a glass filled with wine and splashed it to Emily.]

Lovely: Wake up Emily! I’m sick and tired playing your dirty games. I’ve had enough… First you mess with Rose and Jaejoong. You tried to kill Yuki and caused Junsu an injury. You set Changmin up with Scarlett and caused Jen to suffer. And now, you want to take my life, my everything?!

[Emily glared at Lovely. The other students stopped dancing and the music was out. Rose and others gathered behind Lovely.]

Lovely: Are you happy? Doing these non-sense things? Jaejoong doesn’t love you anymore and I know someone will love you more than Jaejoong did. Just… just stop messing with us… I’ll let you go this time.

[Emily looked around. Students were whispering and were looking at her harshly. She was teary eyed. When she was searching for her friends, they were gone.]

Emily: (Crying) I’m sorry…

[Emily covered her mouth then ran]

[Rose, Jen, Yuki and Paris embraced Lovely…]


*Students were marching to their sits, wearing a black toga. It was so solemn…


Headmaster: It is time for the blossom of flowers again. I believe that all of you students are reluctant to leave. This is the day for the graduation of Kyanggi students. I have a few words. When we entered the society to get along with others, we paid special attention on doing good things even it is little. If you walk there must be trace. “One step, One footprint.”

Lovely: *whispering* The ceremony is on. Where’s Max and others? Are they still coming or not?

Jen: *whispering back* I don’t know.

Headmaster: …reading is the source for wisdom. In education, it should be like me. Never talk much, always be very strict. Always be hardworking. Like me being generous. Like me being honest. Like me being unselfish. You, graduating students should have my spirit.


Headmaster: You’re welcome to come back…

[Students were starting to cheer.]

Lovely: They have come… (Smile)

Jen: Deh~! (Smile)

[DBBP were walking on aisle. Students were cheering and clapping their hands.]

Headmaster: Parting does not mean the end but a start of a new beginning.

[Students were still cheering. DBBP went up the stage and smiled arrogantly.]

Headmaster: I…

[Max interrupted]

Max: Where’s my grad certificate?

[Headmaster frowned]

Headmaster: Araso… Now we award the grad certificate.

[The headmaster gace the certificate to Max and congratulated him.]

Jen: Aigoo~! My hubby is so cute. (Chuckle)

Lovely: (Smiled) Deh~!

[Rose was awarded as the Summa Cum laude, Sun-ye as the Magna Cum laude and Jen as the Cum laude. Lovely got the Leadership award. After the ceremony, the students threw their cap and cheered.]

[Yunho interrupted them and went on the podium.]

Yunho: Ehem! (Clearing his throat) Everyone please take your sits. (Smile)

Paris: Waeyo? (*TRANS: Why?)

[Lovely frowned]

Rose: You’re still mad at Yunho?

[Lovely nodded]

Yunho: It’s been a week since the girl I love doesn’t talk to me. I wonder what she’s thinking right now… (Smile)

[Students cheered again]

Rose: Ya~! What are you thinking huh?? (Teasing)

Lovely: Nothing!! (Shook her head)

Yuki: Aigoo~! You’re blushing.

Yunho: We experienced problems such as break ups and fights but we stayed strong.

[Rose petals were starting to fall from the sky.]

Paris: So romantic… (Looking at the sky)

Jen: I think he’s apologizing for what happened.

Lovely: Aniya~! (Shook her head)

[Yunho went down and went to Lovely.]

[Rose was pushing Lovely but Lovely stayed put.]

Yunho: (Kneeled down in front of Lovely) Lovely…

Lovely: Ya~! What are you doing? (Hissed)

Yunho: (Held Lovely’s hand) Lovely, I can’t find the right words to say but…

Lovely: Yunho? (Nervous)

Yunho: (Took a ring in his pocket) Lovely Jeong, will you marry me?

[Lovely was surprised and was teary eyed.]

Lovely: (Crying) Yes… Yes… I will marry you Jung Yunho.

[Yunho put the ring on her finger and stood up. He embraced Lovely.]

Yunho: Saranghae…

Lovely: Saranghae.

[Yunho looked at Lovely’s eyes and kissed her passionately.]

[Everyone cheered as the petals continued to fall down.]