Love in a Mist
by Yunmie & Sangie


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Love in a Mist is a drama patterned on the Taiwanovela Meteor Garden. Male leading roles are played by Dong Bang Shin Ki, a popular Korean boy band.

♥ When a lover of many touches you would you accept him?
♥ When love reaches out back would you hold on to it?
♥ Would you even have imagined yourself in a chaotic and mysterious love?
♥ Through persuasion and patience can love be bought?
♥ When two people of the same heartbreak fall inlove with each other, do you consider that true?

Follow the lives of these teenage lovers as they fall in love in a mist.

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Dong Bang Bul Pae
"The Ashes of Time"

Choikang Changmin as Max
The leader of H4, now known as Dong Bang Bul Pae. He is the rich son of a large hospital owner. He loves to bully others but has a big heart for the poor. He has a crush on Jen and is having a hard time courting her...again.
Jung Yunho as Yunho
His father is a famous Korean painter. His mother is an actress. A very conservative guy. He lovess Lovely but she likes Hero.
Youngwoong Jaejoong as Hero
A very mysterious man. He is a quiet and a smart kid. He is a martial arts expert. He is loved and like by Rose but he doesn't appreciate her at all and ends up hurting her big time.
Kim Junsu as Xiah
An equestrian and the son of an ambassador. He is rumored to have many women. He became serious in his relationships when he met Yuki.
Park Yoochun as Micky/Yoochun
Childhood friend of Rose. His family became rich and he has a secret love to Rose.As Paris enters his life, his whole life changes.
New Ways Girls
"The Girlfriends"

Im Yoon Ah as Jen Im
Daughter of a police commissioner. A strong girl and a little bit boyish. Her first love is Max but they got separated because of an affair. And now, Max is courting her for the 2nd time.
Jeong Ryeo-won as Lovely Jeong
A daughter of a jewel dealer and the leader of the group. She has an attractive body and style. Dreaming to marry a rich man someday. She likes Hero but when Rose and Hero became close, her feelings subsided.
Park Min Young as Rose Park
A top student in her class. She is a transferee and she is poor. Her father is a regular employee in a company. She fell in love to Hero accidentally.
Hwang Mi Young as Yuki Fokuda
A daughter of a wealthy president of Moonbucks and an exchange student from Japan as well. She stayed in the school for 3 months, kept on following Xiah and captures his heart.
Lim Eun Kyoung as Paris Han
A rich daughter who always get what she wants. She became the fiancee of Yunho but as she hang outs with Micky she accidently fell inlove to him.
Mean Girls
"The Plastics"

Han Ga In as Emily Yoon
The meanest ex-girlfriend of Hero who plans to take him back by doing dirty tricks.
Nam Gyu ri as Scarlett Park
One of Emily's meaner friend who deceived Changmin.
Bae Seul Gi as Amanda Lee
She's a self-important mean woman who flirts Micky.
Lee Hyo ri as Candice Choi
She's a self-centered mean woman and tries to separate Xiah and Yuki.She's also the younger half-sister of Younha, Junsu's dead ex-girlfriend.

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Chapter 40: Break Away

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Chapter 40: Break Away
6:47 PM

*Paris found herself crying inside the cubicle.
Paris: (Sob) I hate you Park Yoochun… I hate you.

[Meanwhile, Micky was looking for Paris everywhere.]
Micky: So-hee, did you see where Paris went?
So-hee: Ani… (Shook her head)
Micky: Okay, thanks.
[Micky kept on looking]
Micky: Hyung-jun ah, did you see Paris?
Hyung-jun: Neh~! She went inside the restroom. (Pointing to the restroom) She’s crying.
Micky: Really? Araso. Kamsahamnida.
[Micky went to the girls’ restroom & knocked.]
Micky: Paris, I know that you’re there. Paris! Let me explain.
Paris: Leave me alone. I’ve seen it! (Sob)
Micky: She’s the one who kissed me first.
Paris: Why did you kiss her back?! (Sob)
[Yuki was on her way to the restroom. Micky ran to her.]
Micky: Yuki, talk to Paris. Please…
Yuki: Why? What happened? (Bewildered)
Micky: Please… please… I’m begging you.
Yuki: Fine… Let me go first. How am I supposed to go inside if you’re holding me?
Micky: Oh! Ye. Right. Mianhe. (Let go of Yuki)

[Yuki went inside the restroom]
Yuki: Paris? You can go out now. Yoochun left.
[Paris went out and wiped her tears.]
Yuki: Look at you. Your eyes were swollen. Tell me what happened.
Paris: I was… *sob* looking for Yoochun. I wanted to confess my love for him *sob* …
[Yuki’s mind was on Younha. She was unattentive.]
Paris: I saw him kissing Amanda. They were so passionate. I wanted to stab her. Gaah!
[Yuki was staring blankly, thinking of Junsu’s ex.]
Paris: Yuki! Yuki!
[Paris snapped her fingers]
Yuki: Huh? What?
Paris: You’re not listening, are you?
Yuki: Mianhe… I was just thinking about something.

Paris: Oh. I’ll leave you first. I have a class. Bye.
[Paris left]
[Yuki was facing the mirror; she looked at her reflection for a long time.]
Yuki: Do I really look like her? (Touching her face)
[Yuki frowned and splashed water on the mirror.]

*Yuki went out and saw Xiah waiting for her.
Xiah: Yuki-chan… I can’t take it any longer…
Yuki: Take what?

------------------ [NC-17] --------------------
[Xiah grabbed her waist and pulled her face towards him. He started kissing her then he pushed Yuki to the locker.]
Yuki: (Still kissing) We have a class… Junsu…
Xiah: (Still kissing) I don’t care.
[Yuki grabbed Xiah’s shirt and pulled him inside the Janitor’s closet. Xiah unbuttoned Yuki’s blouse and breathed heavily then Yuki removed Xiah’s shirt…]
Yuki: (Still kissing) Kim Junsu *moan*
Xiah: *moan* Younha…
[Yuki pushed Xiah then slapped him.]
Yuki: How could you?! (Teary eyed)
[Yuki opened the door and ran.]

[Meanwhile, Lovely was walking towards her locker when she saw Yuki. Lovely grabbed Yuki’s hand.]
Lovely: Yuki, what happened to you? Your hair‘s in a mess. Your blouse is unbuttoned. Are you raped?
[Yuki wiped her lips and stare at Lovely.]
Yuki: Nothing…nothing… Let me go Lovely.
[Lovely let go of her then Yuki ran.]
Lovely: What happened? (Thinking)
[Xiah went out the closet and put on his shirt.]
Lovely: Omo~! Junsu! (Shocked and remembered Yuki)
Junsu: You saw Yuki?
Lovely: Ani…Ani…
[Junsu punched the locker and left.]
Lovely: (Puzzled look) Something’s wrong…

*1 week later.
[Yuki was absent for 5 days. Xiah was worried as well as Lovely.]
Lovely: Junsu…
Xiah: Neh?
Lovely: What did you do to Yuki?
Xiah: Nothing.
Lovely: I saw her that day. Her blouse is unbuttoned.
Xiah: Mind your own business Lovely. (Look at Lovely harshly)
[Yunho interrupted.]
Yunho: Hey. (Tap Xiah) Don’t be like that to her.
[Xiah stood up and left.]
Yunho: Hon, are you okay?
Lovely: Neh. I’m okay.
[Yunho embraced her tightly then they went back to their sits.]

*Xiah went to his car and drove fast to Yuki’s house.
**At Yuki’s house
Xiah: Obasan, can I see Yuki? I need to talk to her. Please.
Mrs. Fokuda: Junsu-kun, what happened to you and my daughter?
Xiah: We had some misunderstandings, Obasan.
Mrs. Fokuda: Go to her room. Try to fix it before it’s too late.

[Xiah went upstairs & knocked.]
Xiah: Yuki!
[Yuki heard him then covered her ears using her pillow.]
Xiah: I don’t mean to say that… Yuki-chan! Believe me! (Knocked twice)
[Yuki stood up and was about to open the door then images of what happened in the closet flashed in her mind. Yuki blushed and smiled. But Junsu’s voice saying Younha kept on repeating in her mind. So she stopped herself.]
Yuki: Give me a break. I don’t want to see your face.
Xiah: Yuki-chan…
Yuki: Please go. (Controlling her tears)
Xiah: I respect your decision. Just go back to school. You missed a lot of lessons &… I MISS YOU.
[Xiah turned around and went downstairs slowly. Yuki opened her door. She saw Xiah going out from the house.]
Yuki: *whispering* I’m different from her Junsu. If only you could see…