Love in a Mist
by Yunmie & Sangie


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Love in a Mist is a drama patterned on the Taiwanovela Meteor Garden. Male leading roles are played by Dong Bang Shin Ki, a popular Korean boy band.

♥ When a lover of many touches you would you accept him?
♥ When love reaches out back would you hold on to it?
♥ Would you even have imagined yourself in a chaotic and mysterious love?
♥ Through persuasion and patience can love be bought?
♥ When two people of the same heartbreak fall inlove with each other, do you consider that true?

Follow the lives of these teenage lovers as they fall in love in a mist.

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Dong Bang Bul Pae
"The Ashes of Time"

Choikang Changmin as Max
The leader of H4, now known as Dong Bang Bul Pae. He is the rich son of a large hospital owner. He loves to bully others but has a big heart for the poor. He has a crush on Jen and is having a hard time courting her...again.
Jung Yunho as Yunho
His father is a famous Korean painter. His mother is an actress. A very conservative guy. He lovess Lovely but she likes Hero.
Youngwoong Jaejoong as Hero
A very mysterious man. He is a quiet and a smart kid. He is a martial arts expert. He is loved and like by Rose but he doesn't appreciate her at all and ends up hurting her big time.
Kim Junsu as Xiah
An equestrian and the son of an ambassador. He is rumored to have many women. He became serious in his relationships when he met Yuki.
Park Yoochun as Micky/Yoochun
Childhood friend of Rose. His family became rich and he has a secret love to Rose.As Paris enters his life, his whole life changes.
New Ways Girls
"The Girlfriends"

Im Yoon Ah as Jen Im
Daughter of a police commissioner. A strong girl and a little bit boyish. Her first love is Max but they got separated because of an affair. And now, Max is courting her for the 2nd time.
Jeong Ryeo-won as Lovely Jeong
A daughter of a jewel dealer and the leader of the group. She has an attractive body and style. Dreaming to marry a rich man someday. She likes Hero but when Rose and Hero became close, her feelings subsided.
Park Min Young as Rose Park
A top student in her class. She is a transferee and she is poor. Her father is a regular employee in a company. She fell in love to Hero accidentally.
Hwang Mi Young as Yuki Fokuda
A daughter of a wealthy president of Moonbucks and an exchange student from Japan as well. She stayed in the school for 3 months, kept on following Xiah and captures his heart.
Lim Eun Kyoung as Paris Han
A rich daughter who always get what she wants. She became the fiancee of Yunho but as she hang outs with Micky she accidently fell inlove to him.
Mean Girls
"The Plastics"

Han Ga In as Emily Yoon
The meanest ex-girlfriend of Hero who plans to take him back by doing dirty tricks.
Nam Gyu ri as Scarlett Park
One of Emily's meaner friend who deceived Changmin.
Bae Seul Gi as Amanda Lee
She's a self-important mean woman who flirts Micky.
Lee Hyo ri as Candice Choi
She's a self-centered mean woman and tries to separate Xiah and Yuki.She's also the younger half-sister of Younha, Junsu's dead ex-girlfriend.

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Chapter 7: Unrequited Love

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Chapter 7: Unrequited Love
7:07 PM

** 1st morning class, the class was busy chatting

Rose: Ei Lovely! I heard that you and Yunho are together now.

Love: (Blushing) Yah

Rose: You didn’t tell me. If I didn’t asked you you’re not going to tell me.

Lovely: I did. I was going to tell it to Jen but Jen was in a hurry.

(They looked at Jen)

Jen: Huh? Err? What?

Rose: Hey! What’s happening to you?

Lovely: She’s like that because Max is courting her again.

Rose: Oh really! (Laughing)

Lovely: Rose you’re the same.

Rose: No! Never.

Professor: Class, may I have your attention.

** The class keep quiet

Prof: You have a new classmate. Her name is Yuki Fokuda and she is an exchange student from Japan.

Yuki: Ohayo Gozaimasu! (Bowing her head) My name is Yuki Fokuda and I came from Japan. I’ll stay here for 3 months.

(Yuki looked around and she saw Xiah then she smiled. Xiah didn’t smile instead he looked at the window.)

Prof: Miss Fokuda you can seat beside Xiah, the boy wearing a black jacket.

(Yuki sat beside a vacant chair next to him. Yuki looked at him but Xiah didn’t looked back.)

Lovely: Hi Yuki! My name is Lovely. Welcome to the class.

Yuki: Hi. Nice to meet you.

Lovely: Don’t hesitate to ask me if you need anything, okay?

Yuki: Sure! Thanks.

(Jen and Rose smiled at Yuki)

** [Lunch break]

Lovely: Yuki, would you like to eat lunch with us?

Yuki: Sure. Err? The guy wearing a black jacket, his name is Xiah right?

Lovely: Yea. Why?

Yuki: Nothing.

Lovely: You like him?

Yuki: Well he’s cute.

Rose: He’s cute but he’s snob.

Yuki: Yah. He ignored me.

Lovely: Yea, he’s like that but he’s nice when you get to know him.

Yuki: Really…

*(Yuki stood up and went to Xiah.)

Yuki: Hi! My name is Yuki.

(She wanted to shake his hands but Xiah just stared at her)

Yuki: (Confused) Nae… - iru… -mun… Yuki im…-nida *my name is Yuki*

[ Yuki is not fluent in Korean that’s why she’s having a hard time speaking.]

Xiah: (Laughing) I understand English very well.

Yuki: (Blushing) Oh. Sorry. I thought you can’t because you’re not talking to me.

(Xiah smiled)

(Yuki smiled)

Xiah: Look. I’m not interested in any relationships.

Yuki: I just wanted to be friends with you.

(Xiah stood up and left the room)

Yuki: Wait Xiah… Just let me follow you the whole day. I won’t bother you. I promise.

Xiah: But why? (Irritated)

Yuki: Please (Childish Look)

Xiah: (Sighed) Just for today okay?

Yuki: Okay!

** They went to the canteen. Xiah ordered a tuna sandwich and took a sit in their usual table.

Yuki: Is that mayonnaise? Did you know that mayonnaise has lots of calories? Oh and you should also buy whole wheat bread so that it’s… (Xiah is staring blankly at her) Okay I won’t bother you anymore. Promise.

(Max, Hero and Yunho were approaching)

Max: Hi miss!

Yunho: Another girlfriend?

Xiah: Of course not.

(Yuki stood up and introduced herself)

Yuki: Hi. My name is Yuki.

Max: Hi Yuki. I’m Max.

Yunho: Max you have Jen already. I’m Yunho by the way.

(Xiah laughed)

Hero: I’m Hero.

Yuki: Nice meeting you guys.

Yunho: So dude. Where did you meet her?

Xiah: Exchange student from our class.

Max: Aw! We should have not cut class.

(They all laughed)

Yunho: Guys, we're going to do something right? (Wink) Right?

Hero: Oh! Yah. See you later.

*[After eating, they went directly to the field].

Yuki: So what’s your next class?

Xiah: PE

[They went to the bleachers and Xiah put down his bag]

Teacher: Xiah you need to wear your PE shirt. Change now.

[Xiah took his shirt in his bag and changed. Yuki looked at him]

Yuki: (Shocked) Oh. I … I didn’t mean to see that. (Covering her eyes)

Xiah: (Laughing) Hmm? I thought Japanese girls are open-minded?

Yuki: (Uncovering her eyes) (In her mind) God. He’s so hot.


Referee: Substitution. Xiah In.

*[They’re playing soccer. Xiah knocked a round ball through the opponent’s goal. He’s the only one who can score. Xiah’s team won and everybody cheered for them. When Xiah went back to the bleachers, Yuki gave him water and he drank it.]

(Yuki wiped his sweat. Xiah looked at her. She put her hands down.)

Yuki: You were good out there.

Xiah: Thanks.

(Yuki smiled)

**The next day. Lunch Break. At the Canteen.

Yuki: Hi Xiah. Look. I made you a Krispy Kreme. It’s your favorite right?

Xiah: How did you know?

Yuki: Well. I got my sources. (Wink)

Xiah: Why did you make me one?

Yuki: Because I like you.

Xiah: (Laughs) Really?

Yuki: I’m serious.

Xiah: Rrright (Sarcastic)

[Yuki stood up and shouted]

Yuki: Hey everyone. Listen. I like this guy here (Pointing to Xiah). Yes that’s right. Xiah. I like him very much. He’s mine now ok?

(Xiah dragged her)

Xiah: What are you doing?

Yuki: I’m proving that I’m serious.

Xiah: In that way? (Blushing)

Yuki: What? I wanted everyone to know.

Xiah: Are you done?

Max: Don’t be so mean.

Rose & Lovely: Yes. Max is right.

Xiah: You don’t understand. I don’t like serious relationships okay? Not now. I don’t like girls like you. I’m sorry.

Yuki: Then… What do you like? I really want to know it. I’ll do anything.

(Yuki took his face and kissed him)

Rose: Xiah! You’re lucky.

Lovely: Yah! Yuki really likes you. You’re really lucky.

Jen: Xiah! You need to be serious this time. Grab the chance. (She hit Xiah’s shoulders)

Xiah: Hey. Eat your lunch. It’s almost time. (Blushing)

**After lunch. In their room.

Lovely: Yuki, are you okay?

Yuki: Yes! He’s the perfect guy for me. His little eyes, his hair, he’s very strong, cool, gentleman and a good guy.

Rose: You really like him.

Yuki: Please help me (Childish look)

Jen: Okay. We will help you.

Lovely: Let’s begin…

**The next day…

(Yuki was looking for Xiah)

Yuki: Xiah!

Xiah: What? It’s you again.

Yuki: Here! I made this for you.

Xiah: A poem? (Puzzled)

Yuki: Yah. You love to write poems right? So I made one for you.

Xiah: Thanks. It’s nice but I think you need more practice. You need to feel it inside.

[Rose overheard it so she approached him]

(Yuki cried and ran)

Lovely: Yuki!

Jen: Yuki!

(They followed her but they couldn’t find her where she went)

Rose: Kim Junsu! Why? Did you know that she sleep late last night to make a poem for you? She studied to play piano, make Krispy Kreme and make a poem. She even hurt herself but she’s still happy because it’s for you.

(Xiah thinks for awhile and became pale)

Rose: You’re not worth it!

[Xiah run and looked for Yuki]

*At the Garden

Xiah: Yuki.

Yuki: (Wiped her tears) Xiah. You’re here.

Xiah: I’m sorry.

Yuki: I want to go back to Japan.

Xiah: You have been here for only a week. You haven’t finished your lesson yet.

Yuki: I know. I’m happy to be here and make friends but you make me sad. (Crying)

Xiah: Please stay Yuki. You can’t leave.

Yuki: (Looked at Xiah) You never said this to me. This is the answer I wanted.

(She hugged Xiah)

Xiah: As of now, I can only offer you friendship.

Yuki: Its okay as long you’re next to me.

Xiah: Let’s go. We’re late for our next class.

Yuki: Right.

(They left and they’re laughing together)

**At Xiah’s house

(He is reading Yuki’s poem)

When I saw you,

I fell inlove so quickly

Then I became clean and

And even miles apart,

How well did I behave.

now it grows stronger,

Nothing will stop me from

Loving you

I hope you’ll feel the same

way too.

Xiah: You're so sweet. (Looked at the ceiling and closed his eyes)